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What are customers saying about Shepherd's Harvest products? 


I can't even stand how amazing these products are!! The deodorant keeps me smelling fresh and clean ALL day (keep in mind, I am 7 months pregnant and it has been currently 80+ degree weather at the end of June)! The cinnamon & clove spray makes my living room smell like a delicious holiday pie, the cedar soap is gentle and smells amazing as well..! I have been 110% satisfied with every product I have purchased so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


Waterbury, CT


LOVE LOVE LOVE making my own laundry detergent for all the benefits. To anyone considering buying this...the stain stick got red lipstick out of my favorite sweater! Love it!


Arlington Heights, IL

(The Baby Powder) Has that lovely, earthy/herbal smell you get when you walk into a health-food store. Works great on my daughter and I love knowing we're using a talc-free option!


Ledyard, CT

Just spent a weekend camping in the woods with the Cub Scouts. What a great product. No horrible smells or residue....best of all NO BITES!


Charles Town, WV

Love the scents! Thank you for making natural products we can afford!

~Patricia Spiess

Griswold, CT

Love, love, love the body butter!! Very smooth, smells good and makes my skin really soft! Definitely recommend, especially for those who live in the north where the winters can be rough on your skin...


Charlotte, NC

LOVE my assortment! Everyone in the family has a different favorite. Mine is green tea cucumber and oatmeal sleepytime. I really like the rosemary shampoo bar too. I was skeptical at first, but I really like it. As Sandy says, if we're going to eat healthy, why not treat our skin healthy too? Really great products!


East Greenwich, RI

I have used the Fresh Hugs all natural creme deoderant and I love it! It smells amazing and really lasts. I am a Muay Thai kickboxer and I also run, so I NEED a long-lasting deoderant that smells great. Fresh Hugs all natural creme deoderant (sic) fits the bill!


Groton, CT

I cheated on Shepherd's Harvest and bought some yummy scented liquid soap in a bottle from a local dept store. My hands have been so dry lately and BURN and turn red when I apply my lotions. All these products ARE NOT organic and common names we all know. Well I picked up my order from Sandy yesterday and started using her soap right away and her lotion (bar form), and there was NO burning. The lotion absorbed into my skin rather than just sit between my dry scales (haha!) and my hands have STAYED soft since. I am SO HAPPY with these products and I will be better about avoiding store bought, cheap, chemical laden soaps and lotions.

Not sure if I'd like homemade laundry soap, I bought pre-measured, pre-grated ingredients from SH. Love how it cleans. Helps w/deodorant stiffness on armpits which is common in front loaders. I no longer sneeze when doing laundry yet clothes smell clean. Very happy so bought more. Why mess with a good thing?


Griswold, CT